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Mere Pyaare Desh Vaasiyon….

Dear Pradhan Mantri ji I am as much a son of the soil as you are (or claim to be). If not more. But, For the fear of being trolled by a patriot missile: All names, characters, situations, country, leaders and currencies in this blog are fictional and bear no resemblance to any person, living, dead or likely to be

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WHEN NEWS OF MARS’S WATER BROKE.. The reported signs of water on Mars has led to fountains of joy erupting across the globe. In India and outside of social media, the 5 am and 12 midnight firecrackers otherwise meant to wake up toddlers and ailing senior citizens during Diwali and Ganpati festivals, lit up Earth’s sky as news of Mars’s

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We-Care-A-Damn spelt with an F

SORRY, BUT WCAD That, perhaps, is the government’s answer in the handling of the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s appointment. It may take a hard-nosed investigating team (perhaps the one on the Sheena Bora case?) to get them to say more    Whatever the stated intention of the Maharashtra government, in ‘routinely’ reassigning roles of two competent senior police officers, it speaks

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