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Citizen Journalism

Citizens First, is a one of its kind empowerment workshop in Citizen Journalism, hosted by the Engage The Citizens Foundation.

There is no age bar, no language bar nor a qualification bar to participate.

Citizen Journalism through Citizen’s First is an effort to rekindle the spirit of Citizenship among the masses as part of the democratic fabric. it works on two fundamentals, Information and Expression. Be better informed and utilise the information ethically through appropriate expression.

The interactive sessions empower the participants in Civic laws, Police systems, Right to Information and Consumer Rights.

The participants are also taught news gathering and fact checking by senior journalists, as a part of the empowerment exercise. Participants are also provided reading material and work sheets and helpline details.

Domain experts, traditionally senior Police and Civic officials and RTI practitioners are among those who help in the mentoring, curated by Shishir Joshi, moderates the entire workshop and teaches the Journalism and Writing modules.

Teacher / Mentor

Shishir has been an active Teacher of Journalism Especially Reporting/ Investigating Journalism and Broadcast Media.

On invitation he has taught across cities and Institutions including Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising (MICA) Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Kharagpur, BMM program of Sophia College, Mumbai, The Post Graduate Social Communications Media (SCM) Program of Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, K C College, just to name a few.


Shishir practices the Ethical Code of Conduct of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) during his Coaching sessions.
He has groomed leaders across Industry, be it the world of Business, finance, Cinema, Indian and Multinational Corporations.

These are personalized Coaching sessions.

Each individual session does not exceed 90 minutes and is a mix of Goal Setting, discussion, conversation and tasks.
From experience, these sessions are completed within a span of six to eight weeks and extended on specific/expressed needs and requirements.
Needless to say every exchange here remains strictly confidential and Contractual.


Shishir’s experience in Journalism exceeds two decades and a larger chunk of it having spent with News and Broadcast Journalism, behind and in front of the camera and a Journalist and news leader, across languages.

Shishir uses this experience to groom and coach his guests in nuances which sharpen your presentation skills for the media, which include speech, Content, Soft skills as well as Messaging techniques.

There is a segment on media overview to acclimatize the participant on the dynamic changes which the media has experienced.

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Shishir is also a Psychological Counselor and part of a founding team of a first of its kind walk-in counseling programme launched at St Michael’s Church in Mahim, known to have footfalls across language and faith in their thousands, every Wednesday.  Shishir engages with senior leadership on counseling issues.


Shishir has been engaged by leading Indian and multinational institutions to groom their CEOs and senior management in Communication and Messaging.

The mentoring modules could either be Effective communication and Trust building, Media Training, Crisis Communication, Communication Hygiene and Inter-personal communication skills apart from Leadership and Stake-holder Communication.

He also mentors mid management teams on communication hygiene especially in the space of SHW.


One of Shishir’s skill-sets involves engaging leadership groups through Crisis Communication scenarios.

This is a combination of class-room and real-time case studies with activities linked to train the leader in faster reaction time messaging, multi-media messaging as well as multi-stake-holder engagement.

The use of audio visual methods helps replay a performance in critique and review at an individual and group level. The emphasis is on constructive growth and team work to be at play and assist in creation of an SOP for Crisis management.

This session could be anywhere between a full day activity to a one and a half day programme.

The module is a mix of classroom and activity which includes tasks on quick-feet thinking, crisis handling, confrontations and trust building. It is supported by audio visual properties.


The challenges of work-life have increased due to too many communication tools and lesser communication. Improper and incomplete communication. Use of social media, communicating with colleagues from different gender, Written and verbal communication as well as the non verbal communication now has become a game changer.

A half day hands on sleeves rolled activity driven workshop for mid management and senior management participants.


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