Across Various Sector

Shishir has been instrumental in driving initiatives spread across various sectors of Healthcare, Infrastructure, Mobility, Governance, Environment, Education, Business , Entertainment and Security.

The initiatives could range from creating discussion platforms, providing solutions, identifying problem areas, playing the role of a catalyst and initiative meaningful dialogue among best pratise players to ensure the end purpose of urban growth is met.

Citizens First – hosted by the Engage The Citizens Foundation.

Citizens First, is a one of its kind empowerment workshop in Citizen Journalism, hosted by the Engage The Citizens Foundation.

There is no age bar, no language bar nor a qualification bar to participate.

Citizen Journalism through Citizen’s First is an effort to rekindle the spirit of Citizenship among the masses as part of the democratic fabric. it works on two fundamentals, Information and Expression. Be better informed and utilise the information ethically through appropriate expression.

The interactive sessions empower the participants in Civic laws, Police systems, Right to Information and Consumer Rights.

The participants are also taught news gathering and fact checking by senior journalists, as a part of the empowerment exercise. Participants are also provided reading material and work sheets and helpline details.

Domain experts traditionally senior Police and Civic officials and RTI practitioners are among those who help in the mentoring. Shishir personally moderates the entire workshop and personally teaches the Journalism and Writing modules.

Citizens First has a one day mentoring module as well as a three day intensive program. These are customised based on the need and requirement.
Those keen on engaging in such a programme may write to

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Co-Founder Journalism Mentor

In 2009 Shishir co-founded Journalism Mentor, a unique not- for profit model of post graduate journalism education. A 14 month program, it is a well crafted combination of theory and practice, weaving in a specialized ‘Conflict Reporting’ module for the students.
Journalism Mentor operated under the principle that nobody should be deprived of education for want of money / finance.

Thus every year, the program imparted education to deserving students, while also ensuring that deserving students received scholarships or instalment based fee payment options ( either partial or in some cases a 100 per cent fee waiver).
Students unable to pay back were given a voluntary opportunity to bear the cost of any student in the future, whenever they were in a position to financial do so.